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1912 Knabe Grand - Fully Restored!

This piano has been fully restored to its original and beautiful condition.  There's never been anything quite like a Knabe piano. Handmade and created in the finest tradition of over 200 years of piano crafting, this 1912 Knabe grand piano plays as beautifully as it looks.  Completely refinished in a beautiful high-gloss finish the piano is like new again.  This piano was built during the golden age of piano manufacture, and Knabe was one of the best you could find.  Handmade and amazingly crafted, this piano now has anoth 200+ years of life.  Make an appointment to see and play this wonderfull piano.  Delivery is included as well as an artist bench and in-home tuning.

1912 Knabe Grand - Fully Restored!

$18,995.00 Regular Price
$14,995.00Sale Price
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