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2 very special events!

You are invited! FREE!

The Chapin Family invites you to two very special events, and they're free! 

AND, read below how you can get a FREE PIANO TUNING at each event.


Cassie Burgan
Debut Art Showing!

As you may already know, Cassie Burgan is the professional, branded name of Vera Chapin, sister of Forrest Chapin and daughter to Dennis Chapin.  From an early age, 17 year old Cassie has shown a real talent in art and jewelry design. With an ever-growing  following on YouTube, Instagram and her own website, Cassie is holding her debut showing this May in the Historic Irving School in downtown Mesa.  

May 6th - 8th; 3pm to 8pm

May 10th: 4pm to 8pm

May 11th; 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 7pm


Historic Irving School

151-155 Center Street, Mesa, AZ 85201

Cassie's art will be displayed with originals and prints for sale.

If you love original art, Cassie's art is a great way to invest early with a new and upcoming artist.

See Cassie on Instagram

See Cassie on YouTube


We would love for Cassie to have an exciting attendance. For Chapin Piano Service clients who attend this debut showing, you will receive a gift certificate for one FREE piano tuning.  That's a value of $175. 
Just mention your piano and get your certificate for a FREE tuning!

Concrete Wall

Arizona Saints Chorale 

Forrest Chapin II founded the Arizona Saints Chorale in 2018 and continues as its director, and resident composer.  Arizona Saints Chorale (ASC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an all volunteer choir and orchestra providing uplifting, spiritual music to the public - free!  Through donations of those attending the concerts, ASC has provided thousands of dollars to local charitable organizations.  

"We are the Arizona Saints Chorale! Our mission is to provide the community with music that praises God and to help spread His love to those who need it."

Please don't miss this wonderful spring-season concert as guests if Chapin Piano Service.  If you donate at least $50, Chapin Piano Service will provide you a with FREE PIANO TUNING GIFT CERTIFICATE worth $175.

ASC on Facebook

ASC on YouTube

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