Dennis Chapin

Tuner / Technician / Owner

Dennis and Enedina Chapin are the parents of 7 amazing and talented children.  The first 6 were boys, and the last one was the girl they had been waiting for.  All of the children were or are musical in some ways, and the final three are actively involved in the piano business.

"I started out in 1973 demonstrating pianos and organs at the Arizona State Fair when I was still in high school.  Having played organ professionally since I was 13 years old, it was a quick transition into selling pianos and organs for a local dealership.  Each day after school I would drive to a local music store and demonstrate and sell organs and pianos.  Mostly, since I was "the kid", I sat in the store until closing time, having the privilege of a late-night customer once in a while.


Every week, the store's piano tuner would come in and tune a few of the pianos.  When he was done, he would ask me to sign off on his bill.  On one such night, the thought came to me "I could do this."  So, I ordered a beginning piano tuning kit, an instruction book and started to practice on every piano in the store that sounded like it needed tuning.  It wasn't too long before I was tuning pianos as well as the professional tuner coming into the store.  A new-found addition to my music career had been born.


Since then, I have gone on to doing piano technical work for thousands of customers, including the showroom and house pianos for Las Vegas casinos such as The MGM Grand, The Tropicana, Caesars Palace, The Dunes, The Sahara, The Golden Nugget and many more. I have also been privileged to work on pianos for Liberace, Paul Anka, Marty Allen, Crystal Gayle, Julio Iglesias, Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra and other celebrities I don't even remember.


I have also worked directly for Wurlitzer Piano and Organ, Lowrey Piano and Organ, Baldwin Piano, Bösendorfer Piano, Korg Keyboards and Roland Keyboards on the wholesale and/or retail industry as well as being a concert artist for Wurlitzer Piano and Organ.  As a musician I have performed thousands of gigs throughout the Phoenix area for over 45 years.


In all of this, one of the most satisfying accomplishments is tuning a piano.  I don't know if its the combination of technical skills mixed with the ability to hear the harmonics required to properly tune a piano or the serenity of spending that hour or so meditating on life while doing so, but I have always enjoyed the technical side of piano service.  


Hopefully I will be able to meet you - and your piano - and I look forward to providing the best in service for you.  Thank you."


Enedina Chapin

Office Manager / Owner

Enedina is the front face and voice of Chapin Piano Service.  She is the one that answers the phones, responds to emails and text messages, runs the office, schedules the shop and keeps all of us on track.  She is the center that makes our family business successful!


Samuel Chapin

Restorations / Technician / Owner

Starting at a young age, Sam has been by his Dad's side working on pianos.  Sam has a unique insight and talent for working with wood and tools.  He runs the restoration shop and makes sure everything is the way it should be.  At times, he is quick to remind his Dad to not play with certain tools - usually after Dad has done something wrong with that tool!  Sam works with customers in reparations of broken cabinet pieces, cabinet touch-ups and repairs and full restorations of classic grands.


Forrest Chapin

Restorations / Shop Technician

Forrest Chapin is a very talented musician, singer, songwriter and pianist.  When is not attending school and working on his musical future, Forrest assists in our restoration shop restringing, regulating and testing our pianos before they go back out to our customers.  Forrest is quick to note that he is a better musician than his Dad, however Dad is quick to remind him that Dad taught him everything he knows!


Vera Chapin

Part Time Office Staff

Vera spends some of her days after school in our office helping with filing, cleaning and even the occasional hand-work on a piano restoration.  She is always eager to help and when Enedina is out of the office, you may even find this very mature 12 year old answering the phone and helping our customers set an appointment.