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There's a special secret about Cassie Burgan. That name is the professional tradename and pseudonym of our own Vera Chapin, daughter of Dennis and Enedina Chapin and brother to Forrest Chapin.  

Keep reading for a very special discount to Chapin Piano Service customers!

Beginning at an early age, Cassie began showing her unique talent as an artist.  Her first canvas paintings started showing up on the walls in our home at 12 and they haven't stopped propagating yet!  Her artwork is now being scanned and originals and prints are for sale on her website.

You will also find she is a talented designer and creator of jewelry, which is also displayed on her website. 
Expect to see her art and designs hanging in local and
national galleries soon.

Limited Time Offer!!

When you purchase an art original, print or jewelry item from, Chapin Piano Service will deduct your purchase amount from your next piano tunings or services.  Just save your receipt and show it to us on your next tuning!  Ends December 31, 2022

8x10 on Canvas


16x20 on canvas


18x24 on canvas


8x10 on canvas

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