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We are thankful for all of our wonderful customers, many of whom leave their reviews and comments for us.

Gretchen N.

Dennis is amazing at what he does. He explained what he was doing what my next steps are some of the mechanics about my piano it always sounds so good when he is down. We love a Chapin. He takes great care of our piano.

Grant S.

Dennis was amazing. Extremely knowledgeable and talented. He was great with my kids when they were interested in what he was doing. I trust him in my home and with my piano.

Lori S.

Dennis is the absolute best. Every time he comes out, he does the best job with my piano, and always delves deep to find outstanding issues. I really appreciate his attention to detail, and I love how cheerful he is the whole time too.

Traasdahl, C.

Dennis Chapin and Gregg did an amazing job in restoring my 1947 Gulbrandsen piano. Their skill and attention to detail is deeply appreciated. The piano looks beautiful. In addition to that a new bench was made to match which is equally beautiful. Dennis is a professional and is delightful to work with. He has extensive knowledge, skill, and talent that he brings to the job. Thank you for bringing beauty and long life back to this family heirloom. Also thank you to Juan and his wife for safe transport to and from the shop. Highly recommend.

Alexis S.

Fantastic service and decades of experience and knowledge. Dennis goes above and beyond in tuning pianos and recommending resources for pianists. I’m referring all of my friends and my mother to Dennis Chapin.

Joe R.

5 Stars! Thank you for your service and it was a great pleasure to meet you and to talk to you. The piano sounds great!

Diana H.

5 Stars! Super professional and friendly

Luis H.

5 Stars! Dennis did an excellent job tuning my piano my piano, also enjoyed his music talent, great musician. Thank you, I will recommend your services.

Alicia M.

5 Stars! Dennis is amazing. Knowledgeable and has a rich background in all things musical.

Xavier M.

5 Stars! Great service.....

Jennifer W.

5 Stars! Friendly, on time and very good at what he does!!

Jason B.

5 Stars! Dennis is an absolute professional tuner and has wonderful stories to tell you when he's doing his tuning.

Mollie P.

5 Stars! Perfect!!! Did an excellent job... couldn’t be happier

Bev M.

5 Stars! Mr. Chapin did a thorough job checking out my piano, tuned it and adjusted everything. It's now great fun to play!

Happy G.

5 Stars!

Christie M.

5 Stars! Chapin Piano Service is the best. He let my children watch, and we all learned a lot. The piano sounds amazing, too! We definitely will use the service every year.

Kay P.

5 Stars!

Rea H.

5 Stars!

Sherry I.

5 Stars! Dennis is an amazing musician. He rebuilt my Steinway which now sounds unbelievable....especially when he plays it after tuning! Thank you for restoring this wonderful instrument!

Donald N.

5 stars! Prompt and excellent service at a fair price.

Yolanda P.

5 Stars! Professional and friendly service!

Tyler K.

5 Stars! Does a great job of keeping our piano in good working order for a fair price. I l like how he takes time to educate customers about their piano, how it works, and what he is doing with it. Great service!

Susie T.

5 Stars! Professional, friendly service.

Adriana M.

5 Stars!

Floyd H.

5 Stars!

Amanda A.

5 Stars! The service we get from Chapin Piano is stellar! Dennis is very experienced, competent, and brings a friendly and warm presence.

Kelly G.

5 Stars! detailed and pleasant

Natalie M.

5 Stars!

Annie B.

5 Stars!

Jeanette F.

5 Stars! Just the concert he performs at the end of the tuning is worth the price! He's professional and does an exceptional job with our old piano! It sounds better than ever!

Allan B.

5 Stars! On-time, great communication, and courteous. If you need someone to work on or tune your piano, I highly recommend Dennis. You will not be disappointed.

Sandy M.

5 Stars!

Tryna R.

5 Stars! Dennis was kind and punctual. And my 1981 studio sounds brand new! He is so talented. I felt honored to have such a wonderful and experienced professional working on my piano. I had no doubt that my piano would sound its absolute very best after he tuned and voiced it. He did not disappoint. I will only ever hire Dennis tune my piano. Thank you Dennis!

Amy B

5 Stars!

Sheryl R.

5 Stars! Dennis was very knowledgeable and understanding about my desire to make an old family player piano operable again. Although it is not salvageable, he was patient and spent lots of time helping me realize all the reasons why and was empathetic and comforting. He did not charge me for his professional knowledge and time.

Marretta H.

5 Stars! Dennis was wonderful and so informative on my antique player piano what extended knowledge and experience he has made all the difference. His attention to detail was unsurpassed and his ability to do the job with ease and fun to talk with was much appreciated. I will definitely be referring him out to anyone and everyone. Thanks again Dennis was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to what you're able to find out on the player piano conversion.

James G.

5 Stars! Always excellent service. Highly recommend.

Mark S.

Dennis is the best! Not only a great piano tuner, but a technician. Lucky to have him as he keeps my 35 year old Kawai GS 30 sounding & performing like new!

Lisa S.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Chapin today at my home when he came to tune my piano. EXTREMELY knowledgeable, professional and personable. Highly Recommend. He worked for Liberace and Frank Sinatra among many others in his 43 year career. Super talented. I also loved that Dennis sent a reminder text message confirming the appointment and then another to remind me that he was on his way. 43 years of experience and a great use of technology, too.

Marcia W.

Dennis Chapin tuned our old upright piano today. He did such a great job - our piano sounds wonderful. We are so happy, and so is our piano! We recommend him highly!

Tracy M.

Dennis came to my house to make some repairs and tune my piano, he was wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly and he’s made my instrument sound so much better! I will be calling him next time my piano needs tuning and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Tara H.

Dennis is awesome! He doesn't just tune your piano, but takes care of sticky keys, pedal work, etc. He can even adjust the voicing of your piano. His knowledge base and skill set is incredible, not to mention his stories. I highly recommend. My piano sounds so stinking good! I played for hours after he left, and then woke up this morning wanting and needing to play some more. High five.

Sherry I.

Piano looks beautiful and sounds great! See project here....

Madeline P.

This '25 Knabe has been in my life for over 60 years now. I'm not sure how long my Dad had it before I was born. Dennis and company worked on this baby all summer, and she just got delivered to my home the other day. I could not be happier!!! The sound is crisp and clear. The once warped, cracked and dusty soundboard is once again beautiful! Thank you Dennis, and all who work for you, for the TLC and the AMAZING job you did. (see project here....)

Debra B.

Dennis – thanks for being prompt and thorough- great service!

Briana P.

I highly recommend Chapin Piano Service. It was incredibly easy to schedule tuning for my piano. I was able to contact them over text, and Enedina replied almost immediately to all of my questions. Dennis has the experience, knowledge, and professionalism that ensures my trust in his service. He also has a very amicable demeanor. They will have my business for as long as I have a piano.

Eric H.

It was a pleasure dealing with your company today! Piano sounds fantastic and I have a very long term relationship with the tuner. Outstanding job!!!! I really enjoyed talking to you about the piano business. Certainly, you will have me as a client for a long time.

Denise B.

A few years ago, I was looking for someone to repair my upright piano that had been stored in a basement for twenty years and then moved to Arizona. The sides of the cabinet were warped and out of alignment, and I wasn’t sure if it could be tuned. One person came over and told me that the mahogany was very good but the inside needed to be completely rebuilt and it would cost $2,400. Another person came and said that he could tune it, but he could not repair the wood. He gave me the name of someone who could do it, but that person didn’t return phone calls or make appointments. After a while I gave up. When I was ready to proceed with the project, I looked online and reached out to a few businesses. Two of the piano tuners I contacted highly recommended Dennis Chapin. I emailed Chapin Piano Service and received a response almost immediately.

Dennis arrived at my home on the minute he said he would be there. I was awestruck as this master technician shared his knowledge and expertise. The fact that he has been in the piano world for decades and has worked with gifted artists tells me that he is the gold standard. I appreciated his open and honest communication. The quote I received was completely fair and realistic for me. It was such a pleasure working with Dennis, Enedina and Sam.

The finished work is beautiful. The repair work is flawless. The wood looks like it has been refinished, and the sound takes me back 56 years ago when I fell in love with this instrument. I can’t say enough about the Chapins and their marvelous family business!

LaDawn F.

5 Stars! Extremely knowledgeable piano technician.

Jesicca M.

5 Stars!

Mirriam T.


Rachel T.

Wonderful service! My piano sounds amazing. He was very kind and efficient and did a great job!

M. P.

Dennis and Chapin Piano Service recently lovingly restored the 1925 Knabe I inherited from my Dad. There are not enough kind words I can say for the beautiful work they put in to making her look and sound like new. Dennis came by for her first, of many, tunes today, and she sounds amazing. I highly recommend Dennis for all your piano restoration, service or tuning needs.

J. N.

Dennis is very professional and friendly. My piano sounds so much better after being tuned up. I would love to have him as my own piano tuner from now. Thanks for your nice help

M. C. B.

Catherine W.

It's beautiful. And it sounds awesome!

(See project here.)

Janae T.

5 Stars!
We recently acquired a hundred-year-old grand piano. Mr. Chapin was very personable and gave us a thorough assessment of the needed work as well as an estimate of the costs involved. They did an immaculate job on the restoration and even took time to explain all of the processes they went through to get it into shape. I would definitely recommend this company every time!

Voung H.

5 Stars!

James P.

Friendly and loved the piano playing afterwards!

Luis G.

5 Stars!

Peggy C.

5 Stars! I believe my piano was so well tuned that it even improved MY playing! I would recommend this business to anyone!

Tara H.

5 Stars! Dennis goes above and beyond. His expertise on not just tuning but also maintenance and repair is incredible. I've had 4 other piano tuners over the years, and Dennis Chapin is the most thorough and skilled by far! I'd give more than five stars if i could.

Leslie A.

5 Stars!

Grisha C.

5 Stars! Lovely!

Ken B.

5 Stars! Excellent

Mark and Mary W.

5 Stars!

Vennesa M.

5 Stars!

Lonnie I.

5 Stars!

James P.

5 Stars! Friendly and loved the piano playing afterwards!

James M.

5 Stars! Dennis provides wonderful service.

Tori R.

5 Stars!

Senny T

5 Stars! Great service !! Thank you!

Audry W.

5 Stars!

Rachel T.

5 Stars! Wonderful service! My piano sounds amazing. He was very kind and efficient and did a great job!

Linda K.

5 Stars! Very personable and an expert in his field!!

Jeff S.

5 Stars! Dennis was amazing! He made the process fun and my piano has never sounded so good.

Steven C.

5 Stars! It was a real pleasure meeting and talking with Dennis Chapin. He is the consummate professional when it comes to pianos and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for friendly and competent service!


Dennis did a wonderful job tuning our 50+ year old piano. We appreciated his promptness as well as...

Kelly M.

5 Stars! Dennis was very polite and friendly and gave us lots of history in pianos. It was fun! Will definitely call him again for the next tuning.

Marilyn M.

5 Stars!

Michelle S.

5 Stars! Dennis always does a terrific job!

S. J.

5 Stars! Very knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant. He did a wonderful job on tuning my piano. Highly recommend him.

Dee Dee C

5 Stars!

Mimi L

5 Stars! Thank you for great service!

Dottie S.

5 Stars!

Gretchen N

5 Stars! Dennis is awesome! He is really good at what he does. My piano always sounds so good when he leaves. I recommend him to everyone.

Jeff & Dianne T.

5 Stars! Our piano looks and sounds brand new. (Completely restored 1907 Chickering grand)

St. Thomas the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church

5 Stars!

Leslie A.

5 Stars! Dennis is on time ever time! He is very professional and is extremely knowledgeable about pianos. My piano sounds amazing! Reasonable pricing for tuning. I highly recommend Chapin Piano Services!

Martha B.

5 Stars! Dennis is amazing, so personable and knowledgeable about his craft. I will definitely use his services as long as I own a piano. Thank you!

Laura C.

5 Stars! Dennis is always so professional and pleasant to be around! He was kind to help me move my piano to a different spot too. :-)

Donna B.

5 Stars! Fabulous service.🤯❤️ Very professional and warm. My 4th daughter really missed out not being there to observe. We loved the education experience as well. My kids and I were glued to Dennis' side because we were so tuned in to his teaching and stories. Thank you for making our first experience with tuning a piano so special. We will certainly be using you again! 💯😍

Kneshia W.

5 Stars! Dennis is very friendly, professional and knows his way around a piano! He brought our piano back to life and now it is ready for my daughter to start learning to play!

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