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200 Year Old Square Grand being sold for charity

I had the opportunity today to visit with a friend and take a look at an old square grand piano. And it is old - circa 1825. Without going into the geeky technical descriptions of how it works and the unique construction of its workings, the cabinet was beautiful.

What was really beautiful on this piano was the carved legs and lyre. All hand-carved and in amazing condition.

And, it had the original matching stool, which is impossible to find!

The cabinet in general needs a new finish coat of lacquer and a few places of repair, but to find something this old, especially in Arizona is rather rare.

While it is not really functional as a musical instrument unless it was restored, it would be a beautiful curiosity in decor or could be converted to a wonderful executive desk.

If you have any interest in this one-of-a-kind antique or want more information, contact my friend Evelyn Christopher at 480-686-3600 or email her at

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