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NEW!! Workshop and office!

After years of working out of my home, Chapin Piano Service has moved into a new facility!!

With 1500 square feet of air-conditioned work space, we can now work on 5 or 6 pianos at a time. Plus we have showroom space to display used pianos we acquire or rebuild. AND, we can provide air-conditioned, private storage for baby grand customers in the middle of moving or home renovations.

Chapin Piano Service is now located at 237 S. Sirrine, unit 4 - near downtown Mesa. Feel free to stop by and see what's going on the shop or just to say hi.

Here you can see Sam restringing a grand piano. There are two other grands waiting for the same and more behind this one, and another 5'8" 1905 Knabe in the back room. AND, another grand coming in tomorrow for a restring. Busy!!

We have a few studios to work on as well.

And a few pianos to sell. This is a Kimball spinet, with bench, for only $495.

A Gulbranson upright - $695

A Samick baby grand - $3195

A Sohmer upright. This piano plays very nice! $495

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