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Story & Clark Restring and Clean

We just brought in Story & Clark grand where the pins don't hold and the strings are dead. As you can see, it's pretty dirty inside as well.

We start by removing the top lid, the music desk and the fallboard, storing them so they don't get damaged.

Then you get to take a close look at all the dust, dirt and stains through the inside of the belly.

Then we cut out the old bass strings, being careful to keep them in order on another wire or, in the case, a large zip tie. These strings are then sent back to a string manufacturing factory so then can be duplicated in exact length for replacement.

Action work is done. Hammers reshaped and buffed. All the dirt and dust cleaned. Action regulated.

New strings have been installed along with new pins. This piano was not capable of staying in tune. It has now tuned up wonderfully and is sounding great!

The damper wires must work smoothly and quickly. The wires on older pianos get corroded and slow. Sending each damper wire with 400 grit paper gives the a new shine and takes the corrosion off.

Each damper wire is installed and the the back action is regulated...a rather difficult and time consuming process.

Next comes cleaning and polish of the cabinet.

More pics coming soon.....


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