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Knabe 1924 French Queen Anne Grande

We just brought into our shop a 1924 Knabe with a beautiful Queen Anne style cabinet. The piano belongs to a client who has commissioned Chapin Piano Service to restore the piano. This piano will not be refinished at this time, however the "belly work" of the piano will be restored including restringing, soundboard repairs, bridge repairs, action repairs and regulation and keytop repairs. Watch for new pics as we go along.

Customer is very happy....

"This '25 Knabe has been in my life for over 60 years now. I'm not sure how long my Dad had it before I was born. Dennis and company worked on this baby all summer, and she just got delivered to my home the other day. I could not be happier!!! The sound is crisp and clear. The once warped, cracked and dusty soundboard is once again beautiful! Thank you Dennis, and all who work for you, for the TLC and the AMAZING job you did. See you soon for the required tuning!!"

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