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Upright Player Restoration

This piano is a player piano that didn't work any longer and the piano itself was not in great shape. However it is a family heirloom for the customer, with many fond memories of playing this piano with family. So, the piano is being restored, the old player mechanism being removed and a new digital player system installed.

Once the piano cabinet was stripped of its player, off to the finisher it goes. Barely visible under the old varnish was what our finisher called "hidden gems"....beautiful veneers and hardwoods. Even so, sometimes the veneer is damaged and our finisher is an expert at matching veneer and color. This is going to a pretty piano.

New strings and pins going in! It starting to look like a new piano!

All the treble strings are done. It is starting to look like a piano again!

This piano has some beautiful wood....

Lots of modifications for a digital player install....

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