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Cleaning Products I Recommend

There are a LOT of cleaning products out there. Too many when it comes to taking care of your piano. Over the years I have used them all.

There are two basic finishes when it comes to fine piano finishes. One is lacquer and the other is polyester. Lacquer finishes have been used in the piano industry for 150 years or more. Polyester is relatively new. Most of us notice the difference right away when we see a satin finish piano compared to a high-gloss (mirror) finish piano. The mirror finish is a poly finish. Today, we also use poly finishes for the satin pianos as well. It is a harder and longer lasting finish. Both of these finishes require different techniques and chemicals to properly clean, disinfect and polish the finish. In my experience, the following products are the easiest and the best in piano cabinet and key care.

Cory brand products are designed specifically for the piano industry. Are there other good products? Surely there is. But rather than looking through the chemical list, watching for harmful chemicals in furniture care products, why not just use a product designed just for pianos.

Cory Key-Brite is a premix formula of cleaner and polish for your piano keys. Whether your keys are ivory or acrylic, just spray on the keys and use a sift cloth to clean and polish the keys. Cory Key-Brite leaves a smooth and oil-free touch to your keys. And its safe. Use it as often as you like.

This wood cleaner is an excellent choice if your wood cabinet needs a through cleaning. Cory Coconut Wood Cleaner helps to remove the oil and wax buildup of commercial spray cleaners, as well as dirt, grime and finger prints.

This is NOT for the mirror finish pianos. But, you can use it on any finished wood furniture. Just spray it on and buff it off. Its all natural, pleasant spraying and non-toxic. Use it to clean your wood cabinet before applying any polish to the surface.

The Ultimate Care Kit contains a bottle of Key-Brite keyboard cleaner and polish, a bottle of High Gloss (mirror) finish polish and two micro-fiber cloths.

This is the perfect pair for the super high-gloss polyester finish pianos. I use these products on a weekly basis when cleaning and polishing pianos. Simple to use and leaves a brilliant finish. Also helps to keep fingerprints from showing!

One of the most difficult finishes to care for is the satin black finish. We call it the Steinway black finish. This finish not only shows every fingerprint and smudge, it is difficult to keep clean and streak free.

Apply the Satin Black polish in this kit and you will see the fingerprints disappear. Spray it on and buff it off. It leaves a clean touch and applies a soft sheen, one that actually inhibits fingerprints and smudges.

Kit comes with a bottle of Key-Brite and two micro-fiber cloths. Available here on my website.

Standard, wood finish pianos will look beautiful after you use this easy, spray-and-buff finish. This polish leaves a smooth and clean sheen on lacquer finishes.

The kit comes with a bottle of Key-Brite keyboard polish and two micro-fiber cloths. It is suggested that you use the Coconut Wood Cleaner before using this polish in order to remove the previous spray polish buildup and oils on the cabinet.


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