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Baldwin 9' Concert Grand Rebuild

Its not often we get the chance to work so extensively on a 9' concert grand, but in our shop we have a 1962 Baldwin 9' concert grand piano to be completely rebuilt. 

This is a very special piano and belongs a private concert association.  They have had the piano for sometime and were considering a replacement, but the cost of concert grand pianos has become increasingly expensive, with a comparable piano priced at over $100,000!  For a fraction of that cost, Chapin Piano Service can restore this piano back to its truly Grand use. 

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That's a long ways down there!  We will remove the strings and pull the plate soon.  

Top is off, strings are out, parts have gone to finish.  Plate is coming out next.

Plate is out!

The plate is painted and ready to be put back in the case.

The case is looking beautiful!  

Our project is done and will be delivered to the concert hall.

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