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“Having worked in the piano industry since 1973, I have tuned pianos for Liberace and little Johnnie next door.  No matter the level of expertise, a  piano is no fun to play if it isn’t properly tuned.” 

                                                                                                                                                                        Dennis Chapin


With nearly 45 years experience in the piano industry, we can tune, repair or rebuild your piano.  Thinking of selling your piano?  We give professional, written appraisals for selling or insuring your piano.  Call today to book an appointment!



Piano Tuning

Every piano needs to be tuned.  And a piano is a lot more fun to play when its in tune.  Tuning a piano keeps your instrument in proper shape for years to come and protects your investment.  Make an appointment online today, or give us a call or text.  

Piano Repairs

With over 10,000 moving parts in a piano, once in a while some adjustments and repairs need to be made.  Most minor adjustments are included in a tuning session, however some require more expertise.  Chapin Piano Service provides full piano repairs services, no matter the issue.

Piano Restorations

Sometimes it is more economical to completely restore your piano rather than get a new one.  Or you have a family heirloom you would like to pass on to the next generation.  Chapin Piano Service provides full piano restoration services.  Book a cost estimate online today, or call or text.

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