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Forrest Dale Chapin!!


An extremely gifted musician, teacher, clinician, composer, director and now Piano Technician, Forrest is a rare and natural talent. Forrest is the founder and director of the Arizona Saints Chorale.  ASC is a non-profit and charitable choir which holds auditions and charitable concerts for young singers and musicians who want to showcase their own talents and give back to their community.  Proceeds from their concerts go to worthy charitable organizations through two public concerts each year.  You can find out more about the Arizona Saints Chorale at this link.  

Forrest is also a successful and insightful music teacher, teaching piano, voice, music composition and theory.  Currently attending Mesa Community College and Arizona State University, Forrest and his wife are first time parents of Jacen Dale Chapin.  You will find on our booking calendar new options for personal, musical coaching sessions you can schedule with Forrest.

Forrest grew up in a musical family.  If you haven't guessed it yet, he is the son (number 5 of 7) of Dennis and Enedina Chapin.  Forrest has worked for several years through his high school and early adulthood working in his dad's piano workshop, helping to restore and tune pianos.  His training now allows him to visit customers and apply his skills to client pianos.  Book now and feel comfortable choosing Forrest to service you piano.

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