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From beginning piano players to the greatest of concert artists, all pianos need to be tuned and properly regulated for not only optimal performance but for the sake of the piano's long life and to protect your investment. Even if the piano is not played, it still requires an annual tuning to maintain the proper tension in order to maintains it proper shape. Even if you haven't tuned your piano in years, it may not be too late to bring it to shape.  Call or make an appointment today.

Standard Piano Tuning

Standard Tuning will bring your piano "unisons" together and remove that twangy sound in your piano.  This usually only takes about 45 minutes and your piano will sound like the instrument it was meant to be.


Pitch Raise

Some pianos may need a Pitch Raise.   A piano is built to handle a certain amount of tension when the strings are all tuned to a standard "Concert Pitch" of A440.  When a piano has not been tuned regularly, the piano will go flat.  Sometimes so flat that the piano cannot be pitched up to standard tension all at once.  The piano strings will need to be "over-stretched" in order to bring it to pitch.  This obviously takes more time.  Don't hesitate to call and ask questions about a Pitch Raise, or check the FAQ section of this site for more information.



With over 15,000 parts in a piano, and most of those made of wood and felt, repairs to pianos are inevitable.  From the sticky key to damaged cabinets, piano repairs can be very easy as well as very difficult.  A free estimate can be made during the piano tuning and many repairs made at that time.  Sometimes a piano may need to be transported to the workshop for extensive and time-consuming repairs.  With over 45 years of tuning and repair experience, you can be assured of excellent care and service.  An estimate of charges is made at the time of tuning or appraisal.

Regulation & Voicing

Regulation is an art, and it is the art of making sure that every part moves as it should.  Each adjustment must be made with care and consideration for the "feel" of the piano.  As well, the "voice" of the piano can be adjusted to make a uniform and consistent sound throughout the piano.  This provides both a better feel for the player as well as the bell-like tone you would expect from your instrument.  An estimate of charges is mae at the time of tuning or appraisal.


Whether you are buying or selling your piano, we offer professional consultation and evaluation of the instrument.  If you are buying an piano, it is always worth the small price of an appraisal from an independent technician to be assured that the instrument you have chosen does not have any defects or damage that you may not be able to see.  When selling your instrument, we can provide both a "wholesale" and a retail pricing as well as suggestions on the best way to sell your piano.  We also do insurance appraisals, helping you to make sure your personal property insurance reflects the value of your piano. 

Piano Sales

It can be a daunting, difficult and time consuming prospect to buy the piano that not only fits your budget, but your personal style and playing capabilities.  Most people don't need a large grand for a beginning student just as an advanced musician cannot continue to play on a low-priced spinet.  With 45 years in the industry, our expertise can be instrumental in finding the right piano for your needs.  From new to used, let us help.

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