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We are restoring a Baldwin baby grand that was mahogany to a beautiful satin black. Soundboard, plate, restinging and action work. Also adding a new digital wifi player piano system to the piano.

Piano is refinished in black, wrapped for shop safety against bumps and knocks. Now the soundboard is being sanded.

Well, the piano is finished and delivered to a happy customer! This piano was an old 1942 Baldwin grand family heirloom, but needed quite a bit of work. Now it is a beautiful, refully restored Baldwin grand piano with a new QRS Digital PNOmation player built in. The family will have decades of new life for Grandma's piano!

Installing a digital player in a piano is crazy difficult and detailed. Sometimes the underbelly trap works of the piano have to be restructured to allow for the myriad parts, cables and computer equipment. Here are some pics....

These are the magnetic plungers which activate the bottoms of the keys to make the piano play. A slot must be cut into the keybed in order to install this plunger rail from underneath the piano.

A lot of wiring, computer boards and making things fit.

And after all the covers and cable management is finished.

The soundboard logo and the plate are back in the piano. Now on to the restringing!

Piano is strung.

One of more detailed jobs in regulating a piano is setting dampers back in. We installed new damper felts and each one of them must go back in. Then small adjustments must be made to line them up to the strings and to make them function properly when playing the piano. This is very time consuming and a learned process that takes some finess.

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